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by removing biscuit and the cache On your mobile device, you will not only ensure greater privacy and security but you will also have more space in your device’s memory.

What are cookies and cache?

First of all, it should be clarified what cookies and cache are. The biscuit It is a computer data file created from the websites you visit and stored in the browser you are using, for example. Chrome also Safari. The data is saved after the usage request is approved or while you continue browsing the site and can be generated from any device such as desktop or Android.

The purpose of cookies is to generate statistics and improve the experience of the site as well as increase the speed, as the data it saves is stored for the future, as a result of which the next time you come to the same page, you will already know what your interests are and will provide you with directions, advertisements and information you like or prefer.

However, although it is a very useful computer tool, it is also a privacy risk, which is directly affected by the risks involved in surfing the Internet, such as data misuse.

Regarding cacheThat must be said Cache It is the space of the device where data from apps or pages are stored, with the intention of using them later when they are reopened, causing content loss.And the Faster loading, that is, the page will benefit from the data that was previously retrieved or processed.

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let’s say The WhatsApp; It is a mobile application that saves configuration data, stickers, photos or videos, we can see these resources unlimitedly without having to download them again, but if the data saturates the system it may cause the performance of the device to decrease significantly, we can note that such a situation When the device becomes slower and it takes time to load files, pages or applications.

How to delete cookies and cache from Google Chrome?

delete file biscuit They may have drawbacks, such as causing websites to load slower or writing session data to social networks and online stores every time the browser is entered, however, deleting cookies is a great shield to prevent third parties from accessing our site. our approval. to me cache It can also be deleted periodically in order to enhance our privacy and improve the performance of our devices by freeing up space.

It must be emphasized that deleting cookies and cache will delete the data you previously recorded, so first write or take a screenshot of your personal data such as your saved passwords, emails, information on online stores, etc.


1. Access Chrome.
2. In the upper right corner you will notice an option “Plus” which is indicated by three pointsyou must click and then access More Tools.
3. Find the option “Clear browsing data”.
4. Check the boxes “Cookies and other site data” s Page news cache Or it can also appear as Cached images and files.
5. Finally, you should click on the icon “Delete data”.

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Android device, iPhone and iPad:

1. After entering ChromeClick on three points located in the upper right corner of your screen.
2. From the displayed list, select an option “register”.
3. Right under the word “register”, Appears in blue letters legend “Clear browsing data”click.
4. In the option “Necessary”, You must specify the time period “Since forever”.
5. Make sure all the boxes are checked and when you are done just click “Delete data”.

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