How they work and who can see them

Even video streaming platform Netflix I fell into an obsession Vertical video Short format popularized by TikTok. In these hours the American giant Throw A new way to browse inside its smartphone app that definitely reminds us of the Chinese sharing platform: it’s called He laughs quickly It is based on vertical scrolling of clips Taken from comic shows already in the catalog On demand on Netflix.

In fact, the only aspects of the TikTok-like Fast Laughs mode are the video format and interface. The Contents It doesn’t actually come from the users, but is handpicked by the platform brokers based on pre-existing materials – like Special comedy and comedy series – And it chooses according to two criteria: the shots that can also work With the smartphone vertically (The splash shows are always shot horizontally), and overall duration Less than 60 seconds. It’s not for nothing that the situation is called Fast Laughs or Quick Laughs.

The interface lets you scroll videos vertically, but it’s also TikTok-inspired for a couple more: it lets you leave your videos Appreciation For suggested videos or Share them In the form of a message and a quick link with other users on messaging platforms or by re-posting videos directly to social networks. In short, the mode can act as a simple amusement for users, but it will allow the company to do so Let your subscribers discover new offers Otherwise, they would not have thought of it.

The only problem is that Fast Laughs are still an early development feature. For now, it is only available in versions iOS Of the app, but above all it is limited to some countries including the US, UK, Canada and India. To learn more about the Android version and reach other countries, we’ll have to wait.

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