How they can steal your banking details through your mobile phone

As smartphone technology advances, more security measures are being implemented. cyber security To try to prevent hackers from gaining access to the device. however, Techniques for stealing bank details from mobile phones are becoming more and more It is difficult for experts to protect us from all threats.

In this 20BITS article, we will explain the methods most used by cybercriminals to get access to phones and access to the financial information we store on it. This way, you can realize what is possible Online scams and avoid them.

Pretending to be official apps

In recent years, scammers have perfected the way to deliver Trojans to our devices. The most popular is the build Applications Supposed to be harmless And sneak them to official app stores like Play Store or App Store.

Another technique used by cybercriminals is to develop banking applications that mimic the original applications. When victims install the rogue platform and pretend to log in with their credentials, They end up giving hackers access to the data. In these cases, it is important to check with the application developer.

Malware that bypasses two-factor authentication

If cybercriminals manage to insert a computer virus into the device, they can intercept a file short message With a two-factor authentication code. Thus, they achieve complete control over banking software.

This is progress in this kind of technology Attackers sometimes manage to answer calls Which the user wants to do to his bank.


Scammers can impersonate banks through Email messagesOr SMS or phone calls and ask their victims to provide their username and password. The password. They usually make an excuse that seems realisticLike they want to confirm your identity after making a payment or something similar.

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