How ROBO-TES works, the new technology that will support VAR from the 2022 World Cup

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The FIFA Older to Where (Video assistant referee) as a wonderful novelty in Russia World Cup 2018, with the task of assisting the referee in “clear, clear and obvious errors or correct identification of a player”, a fact he achieved with a great degree of success during the ecumenical event.

By passing on this technology tool to the member federations, it has found that its hacking apps have generated more controversies than decisions. Thus, the entity understood that it was either modifying the rule and its interpretations or adding another complementary technique that would remove errors or doubts that arose from its application.

Well, FIFA made the decision to apply the next day World Cup Qatar 2022 New technology, more superior and independent of human standards, for its use in defining intrusion, an item that has generated much contention.

Around VAR or simplified ROBO-TES, a new, simpler and more economical program, which can be used in more modest competitions, without a large budget, improving its functionality in the purely technological aspect.

What will it be exactly? The latest technology to be applied in infiltration, A system that tracks a player’s 29 points when determining if a prohibited position has been found. It is the same tool that “structurally” scans at all times the images and bodies of players, dictates the information and delivers it to the referees in half a second.

It will mark the end of the controversial lines that are used to determine if there is an intrusion that often leaves us with that taste of error. Referees use VAR only to check in theory whether the player in question has interfered with play or obstructed an opponent. The rest will be handled automatically by the program.

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The master judge always has the full power to determine responses to the information, as determined by the rule. Specifically, the research is going through a new system with “natural logarithmic innovations” with a degree of success that allows us to turn to common sense. It will detect when the player is in a restricted position by five or ten centimeters and not by an optical illusion of shoulder or knee position depending on the camera that is oddly used as final.

for the purpose of Johannes Holzmüller, CTO of the global governing body, The idea isAccelerate the referee’s review of such situations from the game. With these actions, the goal is to remove the lines that the video assistant is currently drawing to identify potential intrusion.”

earnings? A chance to end in human errors, with delays, with the defects of one who trains and does not find how to do it right.. Will it be the solution? Like any proposed change, it must be analyzed and promoted based on the following aspects: fairness, sportsmanship and effectiveness.

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