How is the fastest IQ test in the world and does not exceed 17% of people

Although their results are often unreliable, a test from intelligence They are irresistible. So much so that it is among the most popular content on the Internet. They suggest challenges that cause high expectations, although they are usually arduous, require a lot of time and stress neurons to the limit, and in the end, after testing for cognitive abilities, the verdict is disappointing.

Faced with this situation, Shane Frederickeminent professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) A simple and straightforward test design has been proposed that delivers a safe and fast result. This test was released in 2005, and it consists of three questionsbut that is not why it is so easy to solve, that it is computed Only 17% of people Whoever does that can be approved.

call cognitive reflexology test (CRT, for its English acronym), consists of a brief questionnaire which, in a sunflower test, was given to 3,000 people who joined the research work led by Frederick. The participants were, for the most part, students from prestigious universities in the United States, including Yale and Harvard.

As Frederick explained, “All three elements of a CRT are ‘easy’ in the sense that they Its solution can be easily understood when explainedbut to get to the correct answer often requires deleting a wrong answer that arise “impulsively” in the mind.

The three questions of intelligence test

  • The total cost of the bat and the ball is $1.10. The racket costs $1 more than the ball. How much does a ball cost?
  • If it takes five machines five minutes to make five tools, how long will it take 100 machines to make 100 tools?
  • In a lake there is an area covered with water lilies. Every day, this surface doubles in size. If it takes this area 48 days to cover the entire lake, how long will it take to cover half of the lake?
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The the answers Most common (and wrong) Typically, these three questions are: 10 cents, 100 minutes, and 24 days, respectively.

In the case of the first question, Frederick noted, “Anyone who thinks about this, even for a moment, will realize that the difference between a dollar and 10 cents is only 90 centsNot a dollar as the problem requires. And in this case, finding this error is equivalent to solving the problem, since whoever does not answer with “10 cents” in fact gives the correct answer.”

the answers

For those who managed (or could not) solve the three questions, this is it correct answers IQ test:

  • 5 cents.
  • 5 minutes.
  • 47 days.

Explanations for each of the answers can be found at Mathematician Brish Talwalkar’s blog, block your decisions.

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