Honoring Roger Federer, Switzerland’s first ambassador to the world

Roger Federer celebrates his victory in the doubles competition at the Beijing Olympics with partner Stanislas Wawrinka, in August 2008. Keystone / Alessandro della Bella

‘Shock’, ‘Frightening moment’, ‘End of an era’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Legend’, ‘Master’: Social media soon caught fire with the announcement of Roger Federer’s retirement, and sad images and emojis lined up. According to Nicholas Bedeau, director of “Swiss Presence,” “no one has ever had such an impact on the image of Switzerland in the world.”

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Frédéric Boillat, RTS / sj

“I received a gift to play tennis and it took him to a level I couldn’t have imagined and for much longer than I thought possible,” Roger Federer said Thursday as he bid farewell to the competition. Only the rain of honor that the athlete received from Basel after his announcement, which was shared and cited thousands of times in a few minutes on social media.

Anonymous people, politicians and sports stars have all made comments, always praising and affectionate, about the man who has made a unique sensation in Switzerland throughout his career and who will leave an indelible mark on world sport.

A gentleman on and off the field

Swiss Sports Minister Viola Amherd said in a statement that Federer was “a great man, not only as an athlete, but also as a human being”, a “gentleman on and off the field” and “an example for an entire generation”. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of tennis and Roger Federer, and it’s always been a pleasure to watch him play,” continued the minister, referring in particular to the losing final of Wimbledon in 2019, “worth the excitement.”

Speaking to Radio and Television Switzerland (RTS), the minister said, “He has been an exceptional ambassador for our country while remaining humble. He is a humble man, a family man,” noting that she understood his decision and wished him well. best for his future.

According to the director of the Swiss presence, Nicolas Bideau, “never before has anyone had such an impact on the image of Switzerland in the world.” As an artist, reliable, modest and unpretentious, Roger Federer perfectly embodied the image of Switzerland, noted in the same broadcast.

Since March 2021, Roger Federer has been the face of the Swiss Tourism Authority. After her success last year with Robert De Niro, this year she has shared the stage with another American movie star, Anne Hathaway. The video has already been viewed over 100 million times Youtube. Without mentioning the cost of the operation, Switzerland Tourism described it as “profitable”.

The ad was even shown in large format in New York’s Times Square, giving Switzerland “more visibility than before” as a tourist destination.

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In 2018, Swiss presence manager Nicolas Bedeau explained to RTS that Roger Federer is “the only person” who is immediately recognizable. “The values ​​he recognizes through him, particularly his game, his reliability, his quality, his durability, his fair play, terribly epitomize this Switzerland,” he added.

“I changed the game”

Swiss Tennis, Switzerland’s all-encompassing organization of tennis, showcased an impressive picture of Roger Federer’s impressive record. Peel Mayor Eric Fair, the city where Roger Federer trained early in his career, showed a photo of the opening of the street named after the tennis champion since 2016.

The official website of Wimbledon, one of the favorite tournaments of the Basel national, who has won eight times, thanked the “champion in every word” for the joy and the memories he brought to so many people. Roland Garros, who often refused the Swiss also published a photo and a short text to salute “the end of a legendary career”.

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A ‘sad’ day for Nadal

His longtime opponent, Rafael Nadal, also wrote a note to his “friend and rival” on Twitter, referring to “a day he never wanted to see come, a sad day for him and world sport”. The Spaniard recalled “the honor and privilege of sharing all these years with him” and wished him and the Merca children all the best.

Andy Roddick said on Twitter, while Juan Martin del Potro posted “I love you” in all caps.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, noted on Twitter: “Roger Federer is a gentleman on and off the field, and a true Olympic champion. Congratulations on your extraordinary career, and good luck for the future. I hope our paths come back.”

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