Hohenloh is by no means a culturally developing country


In any case, a culturally developing country
Lena Landwehr in front of Neuenstein Castle, the site of the traditional premiere of the summer cultural season. Landwehr has been Hohenlohe’s Regional Director of Culture since the end of 2020. Photo: Mario Berger Photo: Berger

Area Lena Landwer is the regional director of culture for Hohenloh Province. In an interview with our editorial team, she explains why she understands culture as much more than art, music and literature, and how the next generation of culture should be encouraged more.

What do you mean by culture? Lena Landwer: Culture is different for everyone. That’s why we asked ourselves exactly this question in the team at the beginning. In the end, it turns out that culture for us ranges from architecture to art and music to landscapes, but also agriculture and traditions. The term is very diverse and at the same time shows how diverse and diverse cultural life is in our rural areas. So the rural area is not a cultural area

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