His toughest fight: a boxing star vs. a macho reputation

Australian boxing star Harry Garside is almost unbeatable in the ring. Away from the gyms, he also fights against the reputation of male stereotypes and loves to appear in fashion shows and dresses.

In Australia, Harry Garside is an absolute star. The lightweight boxer is a national champion and won a bronze medal in his weight class at the 2020 Olympics. But if you think that a tough fighter with all his tattoos is a classic macho fight, the first impression is deceiving. Away from the ring he fights that reputation of all things. In private life, the 25-year-old loves to wear the clothes that he publicly displays on Instagram and Facebook, where he is followed by more than 100,000 people. Now booked for fashion shows.

but that is not all. He is very open about his lifestyle, which is unusual for this sport. He shows that he loves ballet and often takes a storm on social media. But this motivates the Australian even more: In an interview, he took a deep look at his unusual life: “There are some passive trolls hanging around nearby. But then there are also those who ask me serious questions, like ‘What is the effect on youth.. I mean here I am?'” I wear a youthful bewildering skirt?

Garside wants to help young people

He knows very well that he can reach more people through his popularity, he wants to continue on this path, and above all, he reaffirms the conviction of young people: “I realized that the older I get, the more unique, special and different I become. This is a kind of strength. Great in adulthood, so I just want to try and show young people that it’s really nice to walk into your core and try things out.

The boxer recently declared his love for an art that would definitely not be associated with a strong fighter. He loves ballet and even sees some similarities in it to his profession as an athlete, where he has to dance across the ring on his way to victory.

“I finally gained the courage to start in 2019 and am so grateful I did. I always come out a little bigger now and feel a little bit more confident with every step. The best part is that mine too has helped boxing tremendously.” He knows very well that the fight against the stereotype of the male boxer is the most difficult in his career and that he still has to overcome many obstacles. But he is a champion and knows exactly how to leave the ring as a winner in the end.

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