His grandfather died 6 years ago and found him on Google Maps

More and more unusual things are being photographed in the street preview recorded in them Google Maps. From a hopping bunny to a bald man photographed in time. But this time it is a story that affected everyone Tik Tok.

TikTok was precisely the platform on which the story was shared with a video that went viral. Mexican coach Graciela Torres recounted how she got into her grandfather Google maps. The man passed away six years ago and the “reunion” video broke her.

user Tik Tok Grandfather met in Google MapsHe sits in his backyard as he always remembers. The story of nostalgia shook the networks and it didn’t take long for it to spread quickly.

Graciela was excited to see her grandfather’s house from Google MapsWhat you weren’t expecting was to find a picture of him sitting in the yard. “I miss you so much, grandfather,” is the description of the video, which already has more than 5 million 600,000 copies in Tik Tok:

Google Maps welcomes you in green lanes

The most popular geolocation tool, Google MapsIn 2021, more than 3,000 kilometers of old railroad tracks opened to become hiking routes. Its presentation is already possible in the folk Google app.

In countries like Spain, for example, they have pulled steel from railroad tracks that have fallen into disuse, which is why they are equipped for cyclists and pedestrians, in favor of sustainable mobility and ecotourism. These roads, which have now been converted to green, are now available at Google Maps.

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Sustainable mobility has major advantages, Not just for the ecosystem but for everyone, as it gives access to anyone, regardless of which way they move and their particular circumstances. They are called green walkways because they are flat, unobstructed roads, ideal for users with disabilities. idea Google Maps It is to give more and more visibility to these paths so that users can benefit from them.

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