Black Ferns meet Australia on opening night

Black Fern will face her on Saturday 18 September at Eden Park during the opening night of the Women’s Rugby World Cup.

The schedule for this year’s tournament – the first ever in the Southern Hemisphere – was announced by World Rugby on Friday morning and sees a brutal cross-Tasman battle to end the game’s first day.

The United States will play the opening match of the tournament against a yet to be confirmed European qualifier at the Northland Event Center in Whangarei, which begins at 11:45 am.

Karla Huhiba will be in full swing with Black Fern vs Australia at Eden Park in 2019.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

Karla Huhiba will be rocking the feud between the Black Ferns against Australia at Eden Park in 2019.

One of the three days of the Robben match – with two matches from each group – and the other will be on Thursday 23 September and Tuesday 28 September, with matches split between Wangari, Waitakere Stadium in Oakland and Eden Park.

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On Sunday, October 3, the quarter-finals (playoffs were canceled due to small placements) will be reintroduced with a double headed in Wangari and Whitacre. On Saturday, October 9th, the semi-finals will be played in Eden Park.

The home of rugby in New Zealand will host the playoff matches three to four (4.30pm) and the final (7.30pm) on Saturday, October 16.

This year’s tournament features longer breaks between matches, increasing the tournament podium from 23 to 35 days and team size from 28 to 30 players.

Halfback Kendra Cocksedge was introduced at the World Championship launch event last year.

Dave Roland / Getty Images

Halfback Kendra Cocksedge was introduced at the World Championship launch event last year.

The Black Fern is the defending champion – after beating England 41:32 in the 2017 Final in Belfast – and has won five of the eight World Championships so far. They play on their home turf and have tournament organizers aiming to set a new record in attendance.

With the announcement of the schedule announced, expectations will rise dramatically, said Michel Hopper, director of the 2021 Rugby World Cup.

“We are very proud to host the world’s largest women’s sporting event in New Zealand this year,” she said.

“Our team is developing a powerful platform to host a great tournament that will draw more attention than ever to Women’s Rugby.

“It will give the fans a taste of excitement from the start and be addicted to watching or watching every match in the tournament on a schedule that promises to be an action packed and intense competition.

New Zealand rugby

The countdown to the start of the 2021 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand has begun.

Additionally, some of the teams participating in the 2011 Rugby World Cup will be playing in the same locations as their male counterparts, and our communities will welcome all nations with open arms and provide Manaakitaanga New Zealand. And his people. ”

The president of the rugby world, Sir Bill Beaumont, said that in less than eight months, the expectations and excitement of fans and players around the world will increase.

“There is a very real, unstoppable dynamic behind the rise of women in rugby, and 2021 will be an unparalleled year providing a unique opportunity to further accelerate the growth and appearance of the sport if rugby is suitable for women. To play this year.”

Black Ferns captain Elois Blackwell, who took over as captain of the team last November, still concludes that she will be part of something historic.

“I remember how amazing the 2011 Rugby World Cup was and never dreamed of having the chance to play on home soil at the World Cup, let alone facing Australia at Eden Park – it would be amazing.

“It has been a massive year for women’s sports in our country and we hope the fans will truly support the championship.”

A quick glance

Table of Rugby Women’s World Cup Black Fern:

Billiard games:

Saturday September 18th vs Australia, Eden Park, 7:15 pm.

Thursday September 23rd vs Wales, Waitakere Stadium 16:45 pm

Tuesday 28th September against the winner of the Final Qualifier at 4:45 pm.

Quarter-finals: Sunday October 3, Waitakere, 1:15 pm, 4:15 pm; Saturday, 4.15 pm, 7.15 pm

Semi-final round: Saturday October 9, Eden Park, 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm

The last bronze: Saturday October 16, Eden Park, 4:30 pm

the last: Saturday October 16, Eden Park, 7:30 pm

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