Hernan Ora wears gold in Switzerland and Paris is coming

Hernan from Cinco Salta aura He achieved first place in the Nottwil Parathletics Championship. The man from Rio Negro shined at the launch bullet F35 class after setting a distance of 15.30 metres.

Ora’s competition Swiss With a clear goal: the gold medal. In recent years, the Argentine has shown that he is one of the best shooters in the world and has traveled to Europe to certify him.

With this result, the champion, who is with his coach Federico Salazar, will prepare for the challenge of the old continent, in the Grand Prix in Paris in the coming days.

Ora was part of the Argentine national team delegation, which traveled to Europe with nine athletes, to participate in the tournament that was held in Notuil, Switzerland, and then in the Grand Prix in Paris.

From the Albiceleste team, five Paralympic medalists in Tokyo: Hernan Ora (silver in F35 rifle), Brian Impeliziri (silver in T37 long jump), Antonella Ruiz Diaz (bronze in F41 rifle), Yanina Martinez (bronze in 200m T36) and Alexis Chavez (bronze, 100 metres, T36).

Completing the delegation are Hernán Barreto (bronze in the 200m at London 2012 and the 100 and 200m at Rio 2016), Marielle Fernandez (F32), Gabriel Sosa (T54) and Valeria Jara (T54).

Last year, Ora won the silver medal in the F35 shot and set a continental record at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Rio Negro clocked 15.90 meters and broke his personal and continental record to take his second medal after Rio 2016.

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The athlete from the town of Cinco Saltos achieved a mark of 14.91 at Rio 2016 and surpassed it at the 2019 Dubai World Cup with 15.87 metres.

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