Here’s how to use the Google Maps feature to save the police from paying thousands of rupees!

speedometer google maps l If you are traveling somewhere and do not know the route, we all use Google Maps, and Google Maps is not only for navigation, but also has many useful features. Yes Yes

Today we are going to talk about one of these features, this feature in Google Map tells you how fast you are driving, that is, if you look at the speedometer in the car on the go. No, you can only see it in Google Maps.

Using this feature with navigation means eliminating the possibility of speeding, no overspeeding, and no hassles of cutting bills.

Google Maps with your travel companion
Google Maps comes in handy when you are searching for a destination unknown to you. If you have a car, all you have to do is use the steering wheel with Google Maps and look in the side mirrors.

In addition, you have to take care of many things like speedometer, brakes, gears, accelerator pedal. Google Maps works to get you to that destination.

In such a situation, several things should be taken care of at the same time. But did you know that Google Maps has a great feature, which can collect all the work that you do while you are driving.

This is how Google Maps speedometer works
While navigating through Google Maps, users will get information about their vehicle’s speed, such as the vehicle’s speedometer. However, it is faster than the speedometer.

If you exceed your vehicle’s speed limit, Google Maps will guide you by checking your vehicle’s speed.

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In addition, it notifies you when you exceed the set speed. The color of the speedometer in Google Maps changes when the speed limit is exceeded.

The speed limit appears in the lower left corner of the screen above where the duration of your trip is displayed.

The speed limit indicates the duration / duration of the trip, the approximate time of arrival, the number of kilometers remaining, the option to stop navigation and re-route the entire route.

How to use Google Maps Speedometer: How to use it

First you need to open Google Maps on your mobile phone.

Then in the upper right corner you have to select the profile picture and then select “Settings”.

Then scroll down to Navigation Settings and then you can turn on the speed select button.

The activation process is complete! Now, if you exceed the speed limit, Google Maps will notify you automatically. However, Google recommends using your car’s speedometer to check the actual speed of the car.

Google Maps Speedometer helps you avoid currency devaluations

The most important thing about Google Maps Speedometer is that it helps you avoid overcharging. It often happens that you drive in the mood, in which case you do not pay attention to the speed of the car. This can cut your big coin.

In such a situation, excessive working speed can be dangerous for your safety and also work to cut your pocket. So if this feature is not enabled in your phone, you can enable it by following the specifications mentioned above.

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