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A young warrior princess must save humanity from the wrath of the vengeful gods: Friday, October 22, streaming on Netflix “Maya and the Three Warriors”, a Mexican animated mini-series that draws heavily from the fantastic myths of Mesoamerica and rejects them by adopting forms of adventurous fiction. Critics spoke very well about it.

“Maya and the Three Warriors”, all about the animated series

The plot tells of Maya, a warrior princess from Central America: upon the completion of her fifteenth birthday, the gods of the underworld themselves appear and declare that Maya must pay for the sins of her family, and if she refuses her fate, then the world will end. To avoid the worst, The young woman relies on an ancient prophecyThree powerful warriors will join her to defeat her opponents and avoid the destruction of humanity.

The Mexican miniseries “Maya and the Three Warriors” was created, written, and directed by Jorge R Gutierrez, which gained a lot of credit a few years ago thanks to the animated film The Book of Life (2014). Talking about his new show, he said it’s kind of Mexican “Lord of the Rings”It is, therefore, a highly ambitious fantasy, coming from a vast and detailed narrative world, inspired by true Mesoamerican mythology but devoid of any obligation of loyalty and the freedom to evolve at will.

The trailer is dubbed in Italian

Reviews and how to watch TV series

In principle, international monetary books More than positive comments, praising the excellent level of animation, very successful action scenes and a fascinating and engaging story, able to remain engraved in the memory of spectators for some time. Some reviewers have described “Maya and the Three Warriors” as one of the best products of the year among those released on Netflix.
The series consists of Nine episodes of about thirty minutes each And that they will all be published on October 22 in one fell swoop in N’s catalog of broadcast content. Subscribers and subscribers have the right to choose when and how to watch.

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