Here are the wonderful Paris secrets from Netflix series Emily in Paris to dream about

Emily in Paris is the Netflix series that got us glued to the screen and is now in its second edition. The reasons for this success are many: the story of this young American is well told and the theater in Paris is always unique in the world. In fact, the young protagonist lives a very intense life where Paris is not just a setting for the narrative but a part of the story itself.

His typical Parisian apartment really takes us to the French capital. The neighborhood is the Pantheon and SorbonneThe famous Latin Quarter. In particular, when we actually look out of Emily’s window, we realize that we are at the Place de l’Estrapade where there is also the restaurant Les Deux Compères, where her friend Gabrielle works. In fact, the restaurant does exist but it is a small Italian bistro. However, we try to delve into his Parisian life and discover other areas of Paris. Indeed, here are the cool Parisian secrets of the Netflix series Emily in Paris to dream about.

Few restaurants and done

Emily works for the marketing agency Savoir, which is a dummy agency of course, but is headquartered in the prestigious Place de Valois. We are in the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Louvre and the Palais Royal. In the square there is also Bistrot Valois, a large restaurant where the protagonist usually dines with her colleagues. Emily, in the series, still does not speak French very well, and therefore she needs French lessons. He organized it with Alfie, in an English pub in the Latin Quarter called Bombardier.

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Still staying in the professional part of Emily’s life, we can’t forget the scene where classmate Luke takes her to lunch for her birthday. The chosen place is the famous tomb of Pere Lachaise, the great confessor of the kings of France. Locke and Emily recline near the grave of Honoré de Balzac. This part of the cemetery is filled with important tombs, such as that of Delacroix. In the surrounding areas, we also refer to the little-known but beautiful Ménilmontant.

Here are the wonderful Paris secrets from Netflix series Emily in Paris to dream about

Mindy first practiced as street music in a square on the Left Bank, with the famous Saint Michael’s Fountain in the center. In some of the scenes of the chain that surrounds the Seine, you can see the tourist boats that allow visitors to enjoy the city by boat. Back to talk about Mindy, the romantic square where he kisses his bandmate for the first time, is Place des Vosges.

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