Hellhole review of the new Netflix horror

Hellhole, new Polish horror review available by Bartosz M. Kowalski Streaming on Netflix.

in this news We introduced the latest version horror On the topic of films by streaming service Netflix. The movie in question is Polish Hell. Directed by Bartosz M. Kowalskiwhich is a director we know so well because he also directed Don’t sleep in the woods tonight And the Don’t sleep in the woods tonight 2.

Today we propose Hellhole no spoiler review.

Hell – the plot

In a monastery isolated from the world, the monks run a clinic for the demented. One day, a young policeman, Marek, arrives at the monastery. Pretending to be a priest, he delves into monastic life and tries to explain the recent mysterious disappearance of several tormented prisoners. But it turns out that there is no way out of the monastery.


Kowalski is a director who impressed us so well with the previous two productions of Do Not Sleep in the Woods Tonight. Unfortunately, this new cinematic effort failed to preserve the good things he had shown in previous works.

Hellhole appears as a somewhat predictable and somewhat confusing movie with somewhat moderate speed that has little to do with the speed and intensity of the films previously directed. It is not enough to save him a rather special ending and a well-behaved cast on the part of the cast who manages to get into the character and not look like an artifact, but in keeping with the director’s requests.

Too bad because the idea behind it was also very interesting if developed in a different way and the setup is really creepy. Small scenes of real anxiety and Kowalski’s knowledge also predicted greater use of scattered and comedic elements, however, as mentioned, it’s all quite predictable and boring. A missed opportunity to watch a fun horror movie

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