He was arrested in connection with the shooting outside a mall in Millenia

He was arrested in connection with the shooting outside a mall in Millenia

The Mall in Millenia is expected to open its doors as scheduled on Friday at 11 am, according to its website, after a shooting outside the mall Thursday evening.

Early Friday morning, Orlando Police said they had arrested a person in connection with the shooting.

The suspect has been identified as Trey’von Graham, 19 years old.

He is facing charges of attempted first degree murder with a firearm and firing a firearm in public.

Investigators said that no other suspects were searched.

Mall security officers were seen early Friday morning patrolling the parking lot.

The Orlando Police Department said off-duty officers were on duty inside the mall around 6 p.m. when they heard gunfire and responded to the dining hall entrance.

Outpatient Vice President Eric Smith said,[The officers] He responded to the training, involving the suspects and disembarking them without incident. “

At first, the police said they detained four people.

This is part of the investigation. We need to define that. “We need to review the video and get some other intelligence to make sure that no one left the mall when the mall was leaving,” Smith said.

The officers said that the shooting was unharmed.

“It would have been a deadly situation. People could be hurt. People could be injured. We are fortunate that no one was shot.”

Smith also said that society is not in danger.

The outpatient clinics evacuated the mall on Thursday evening for investigation.

One woman said she was walking out of the bathroom when shocked to see several of the officers.

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The woman said, “As soon as I got to the hallway, I saw a group of policemen at the end of the corridor pointing guns at me and I was terrified.” “I ended up raising my hand in the air and they looked at me and started waving to me to come to them. So I went to them and they started waving me out of the mall.”

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