Morrisons is making changes to every store starting this weekend and beyond

From Sunday, Morrsions is making a change to how their stores operate in an effort to help parents.

The supermarket giant announced that it will introduce new “ quieter hours ”, as not all stores in the UK will have music, checkout sirens or PA announcements for the first hour of shopping on Sunday.

Quiet hours will operate from 10am to 11am for stores that are open 10-4pm on Sundays, Manchester Evening News Reports.

Quiet Hours actually run every Saturday between 9am and 10am at all Morrison’s stores.

Morrison says the initiative was first introduced in 2018 after hearing from families affected by autism who shared their difficulties shopping in noisy and crowded environments.

This step is designed to help parents

Many customers have appreciated this initiative, and as a result, it will now be extended to the first hour of the store opening every Sunday to provide more opportunities for shopping peacefully.

David Potts, Morrison’s CEO, said: “The introduction of quieter watches has been appreciated by many customers who prefer to shop in a quieter environment.

“Expanding it to Sundays will provide more opportunities for shopping peacefully.”

A quieter first hour will work in every Morrisons store starting Sunday, October 11th.

During quiet hours, stores will:

  • The lights dimmed
  • Turn off the music and radio
  • Avoid making tanning ads
  • Reducing the movement of carts and baskets
  • Reduce the exit beep and other electrical noise
  • Put a sticker outside to tell customers it is a quieter watch
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