He lives! Olympia: Germany surpassed Saudi Arabia in number

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Olympia: Saudi Arabia – Germany Nadim Amiri celebrates after his 0:1 goal. © Kiichiro Sato / dpa

Olympia 2021 – Germany faces Saudi Arabia today in the men’s football championship. Lists, results, goals – all the info now in the live feed:

Saudi Arabia – Germany 2:3 (1:2)

Saudi Arabia Al-Yami – Abdulhamid, Al-Amri, Hindi, Al-Shahrani – Al-Khulaif (69. Ghareeb), Al-Faraj, Al-Najei , Al-Hassan, S. Al-Dawsari – Al-Hamdan
Germany Müller – Henrix, Pieper, Uduokhai, Raum – Maier (70 Stach), Löwen, Teuchert (70 Torunarigha), Kruse, Amiri (73rd Schlotterbeck) – Pains
rip 0:1 Amiri (11.), 1:1 Al-Najei (30.), 1:2 Ache (43.), 2:2 Al-Najei (50.), 2:3 Uduokhai (75.)
specific incident حادث Red card for Pieper (67.)

Live stream update

78. Min: Similar case: this time a warp wrench. Kruse was in a better position, angry.

77. Min: This really should be 4:2. Henrichs is standing free in front of the goal, but he shoots past the goal on the left.

75th minute: But now – 3:2 for Germany! After a corner from Kruse, Uduokhai heads the thing in Grid.

74. MinAl Yami goes out of his own way, Ashi plays around the goalkeeper, but in the end he makes it very complicated. There was more to her.

73. Min: The next change on the spot: Schlutterbeek comes to my prince.

70. minTorunarigha and Stach are new to the DFB team. Teusert and Meyer are no longer on the field.

67. Min: Pieper’s red card, he outnumbered the German national team once again. The referee used the video guide beforehand.

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65. min: From a German point of view, a tie would certainly not be enough. There are still 25 minutes left to score the three points.

59. Min: Germany is now increasing the pressure a bit.

55. min: Germany’s first chance in the second half: Al-Amri just missed the goal.

52. min: Saudi Arabia can climb almost immediately. The German Federation team is very neglected.

50th minute: Once again Germany is feeling cold! Saudi Arabia unites strongly in the penalty area, where Al-Najji is left alone for a criminal offense and scores 2-2.

46. ​​Min: The second half in Yokohama is underway.

Football in the Olympics: Saudi Arabia against Germany – this is how the first half went

Break in Yokohama: between Saudi Arabia and Germany 1: 2 after 45 minutes. The German Football Association team started the match well and advanced early through Amiri (11th place). As a result, Kuntz-Elf allows Saudi Arabia to develop more and more. Survivor (30) shall not be registered without entitlement to equalize. Shortly before the break, Ace put Germany back in the lead.

43rd minute: A goal for Germany! Pain only fails after a cross on Al Yami, but can then use the second attempt.

40. min: Space saves desperate need against Al-Dossary, strong work for Hoffenheim.

36. Min: Oh, again by a degree, but Yami is there.

34. Min: Germany behaves very negatively after driving. There must be more in the game.

He lives! Olympia: Germany surprised – Saudi Arabia draw

30th minute: And suddenly it’s 1:1! Once again, the German defense was not completely sorted out. Survivor says Muller can only shoot the ball, thank you and score the equaliser.

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29. Min: At the moment, most of the events are taking place in the midfield.

24. Min: Take a deep breath with Stefan Koontz, my prince can keep playing.

23. min: Amiri needs treatment.

21. Min: Saudi Arabia gets close to the German penalty area every now and then, but the German federation team generally dominates.

16. MinA dangerous free kick from Saudi Arabia, but Muller paid attention to it and took the ball outside the penalty area.

Olympia in the live tape: Germany advances against Saudi Arabia

11- Minute: A goal for Germany – 1-0! A powerful blend of Kruse and Teuchert. In the end, Amiri is completely free and takes the lead. This is the second goal of the former Hoffenheimer in the tournament.

7. Min: Saudi Arabia celebrates the alleged opening goal, but the goal was not fired due to a handball. The German defense was not so good before.

5 minutes: As expected, Team Kuntz sets speed and starts attacking.

3. Min: Germany’s first chance: Amiri free kick lands on Ace, whose header crosses the goal.

1 minute: And the game has begun! Germany starts playing from right to left in the first round.

1:26 pm: First, the two national anthems were played as usual.

1:25 pm: Today, Max Kroes leads Germany into the field as a captain.

1:22 pm: By the way, Ivory Coast surprisingly played 0-0 against Brazil. This puts the German Football Association team under even more pressure.

Football in the 2021 Olympics: Germany vs Saudi Arabia – Team line-up

1:00 PM: Hello and welcome to our live stream! Here you can find out all about the match between Germany and Saudi Arabia, which kicked off at 1:30pm in Yokohama. These are the two constellations:

  • List of Germany: F. Müller – Henrichs, Pieper, Uduokhai, Raum – Maier, Löwen, Teuchert, Kruse, Amiri – Ache
  • Aufstellung Saudi-Arabien: Al-Yami – Abdulhamid, Al-Amri, Hindi, Al-Shahrani – Al-Faraj, Al-Hassan, Ahmed, Al-Najei, S. Al-Dawsari – Al-Hamdan
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Football in the 2021 Olympics: Germany vs Saudi Arabia today in the live broadcast

9:30 am: German footballers are already under pressure in the second game of the 2021 Olympics. After the opening defeat to Brazil, coach Stefan Koontz’s team must score points against Saudi Arabia in order to have realistic chances of reaching the quarter-finals of the Olympic tournament for football.

The game will be broadcast live by both ARD and Eurosport. Kick-off in Yokohama at 1:30 pm (CEST). The German team has to dispense with captain Maximilian Arnold, who saw yellow and red in the match against Brazil. Hoffenheim’s David Raum is likely to be in the starting line-up again. (nwo)

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