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Drosten puts the 1G rule into play – exceptions only to those who are reinforced

Virologist Christian Drosten described China as his “biggest concern” regarding the coronavirus pandemic. “Of course Omikron comes in there as well. The vaccine that was used there was poorly effective against this alternative. This is a real danger to the global economy as well.” Head of the Department of Virology at the Charité Berlin In an interview with the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on the Internet.

Asked if a lockdown was needed in Germany, Drosten said we should see “whether the measures now in place that have been followed up again, and how they will work.” If connection restrictions are not working as hoped, one can, in Drosten’s view, consider restrictions that only people who are already reinforced can access – what he referred to as “1G”. The virologist said that people who have been vaccinated twice are protected from severe courses even with Omikron, “but not practically against infection.” The transmission of the virus is hardly reduced in the case of infection. But those who were recently boosted are likely to contribute less to the spread of disease and are significantly protected from disease. In Delta, 2G and 3G may suffice, but Omikron is now writing the rules.”

According to what is known so far, it is believed that the contact procedures currently in place and that have been followed have made the increase in the number of cases a little slower in this country compared to other countries. “In Great Britain and South Africa, the numbers went up because there were no more control measures.” For example, wearing a mask appears to be “particularly effective”. “So, because people are also cautious in their private lives, we are in a better position in Germany.”

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Drosten has always cautioned against large vaccination gatherings, especially among the elderly. If we let the virus pass now, we would have many more deaths and full ICUs. You can’t turn a blind eye to it, that’s why politics works too in the interview. It is still not certain whether Omikron makes you less risky by itself. “Recent studies from South Africa, England and Scotland agree that the weakening of the etiological effect is largely, but not exclusively, due to an increase in the immunity of the population,” Drosten told the newspaper. (dpa)

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