Harvest time in Vaterstetten: free fruit – Ebersberg

It’s time to harvest fruit again. So the Vaterstetten community decided to mark trees in public spaces with yellow tape. This is intended to signal to citizens that the fruit on the selected trees can be harvested by anyone. This way it will not spoil and will benefit the person who appreciates it.

The proposal came from the nature and environment consultant, Stefan Ruff, the Green Party adviser. In the municipality of Vaterstetten, apples, pears and the like can be found in some places in the supposed public space. It is often unclear whether or not you are allowed to pick fruit on the tree as a native. Some trees belong to farmers or public institutions. Some fruit trees are also cared for by tree herders. Of course they harvest it themselves. But some fruit is not picked at all.

In order to make it clear which trees citizens can harvest, these fruit trees in the municipality area are now marked with yellow ribbons. The main concern of the municipality: the fruits must be professionally harvested, that is, no branches are cut or the tree is damaged in any other way.

Mayor Leonard Spitzauer (CSU): “Free harvest is a great idea. Anyone who doesn’t have their own garden can reap the fruits. At the same time, we do something together against food waste. Because it is better that the fruit ends up in the kitchens of the Vaterstetten as if It was rotting on the ground.”

Many distinctive fruit trees are found in the area of ​​Vaterstetten cemetery up to the settlement of Reitsberger. You can also choose freely behind the Realschule in Baldham in the green of the stadium.

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