Hamilton predicted worse result than Mercedes in Australia

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Lewis Hamilton He’s facing the toughest season in the world Formula 1 Since the hybrid era began because the single seat, and W13Not as competitive as I expected in this one 2022. The British arrived in Melbourne hoping for the canal mercedes Towards the path of victories, but knowing that he still needed to wait for a winning car.

The seven-time world champion signed a performance that put him in fourth place, however, leaving his teammate Brackley, George Russellfor the second time in a row.

Find out what happened at the 2022 Australian GP F1:

Hamilton Affected by the safety car periods, the other Englishman from Mercedes managed to climb to last place on the podium, snatching away the possibility of being in the top three from Stevenage.

Although not tasting champagne in Albert ParkThe seven-time champion ended up being satisfied with what had been achieved there: “It’s a great result for us as a team, to be honest. We had tough times with the car this weekend to get to fifth and sixth in qualifying, to progress like we did and to be reliable.”

“We didn’t expect to be third and fourth, and George [Russell]He did a great job today,” Lewis Hamilton admitted after getting out of his car Australia. “I was able to see a little bit of the fight with Sergio Perez and I would have liked to have been in it, but we are keeping those points, and we will keep pushing.”

The next test on the 2022 Formula 1 season calendar will come in two weeks, on the legendary track imolaThe teams are expected to deliver the first package of major improvements to the tournament.

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Mercedes continues to investigate the problems it has with its car, especially on high speed straights, where they feel the impact PourHowever, that was not the reason why Hamilton was prevented from competing for the podium.

“I couldn’t fight for third because the engine was overheating so I had to go back and stay behind,” the Englishman explained. “But like I said, we got as many points as we could as a team, which is great.”

Find out what Lewis Hamilton’s opponents had to say at the 2022 Australian Grand Prix:

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