Halftone String: Three turns contribute to the start of Dirty Ducks, Cogs 19 – Ducks 14

Cristobal is lucky to advance by one after committing three turns and allowing 246 yards from attack.

A 57-yard pass to Jaylon Redd late in the second quarter established a score for CJ Verdell to cut the lead, but two fumbling and interceptions were on the ducks in their wake for most of the first half.

Tyler Shawf: 12/18 – 172 yards – 1 smart – 1 TD – 4 cars – 23 yards

Jayden de Laura: 13/21 – 168 yards – 2 D.

TD scorer: (UO) Tyler Shough, DJ Johnson, CJ Verdell (WSU) Jayden De Laura, Lucas Bacon, Renard Bell

Duck yards: 228 yards – 172 walkers – 56 laps

Cougar squares: 246 yards – 168 lunge – 78 lunge

Inverters and Forcing: Ducks: 0 – Cougars: 3 (Int: 1 – Smoke: 2)

  • A series of missed tackles from the second-place duck defense allowed Travel Harris to switch to Watsu’s first touchdown.
  • The pressure forced Jayden de Laura to stampede and throw incomplete at 3-and-long.
  • Jaylon Redd held the ball and gained five yards to start the inaugural Oregon campaign.
  • DJ Johnson had his first Oregon touchdown with a 15-yard field and ran into the next play.
  • Tyler Shug almost tossed the ball early when a cougar defender threw the ball and another Cougar almost dropped it.
  • On 3rd – & –5th, Shough took the option and shot three yards.
  • Real new student Chris Hutson converted into fourth-and-2 with a nine-yard gain.
  • At 2 – & – 4, Shough found Johnson to drop 13 yards.

Ducks 7 – 0 wild cats

(15 plays, 92 yards, 5:50)

  • The big plays of Harris and Deon McIntosh combined took 30 yards for the Cougars to start their second lead.
  • McIntosh’s 29 yards reached Cougs to the Oregon 18-yard streak, and in the next play, De Laura Lucas Bacon struck for an 18-yard landing near the pylon.
  • The Washington state’s two-point switch did not work
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Ducks 7 – Wild Cats 6

(6 plays, 77 yards, 3:48)

  • Wazzu tried the dog’s surprise kick but Oregon recovered in Oregon 45.
  • At 2 – & – 1, Travis Day’s ball flopped. Aiden Hector recovered from Washington State and brought him back to Washington State 47.
  • The play pass to Renard Bell cut 44 yards to Oregon 9. After three games, Bell picked up a pass in the back of the finish area.

Cougars 13 – Ducks 7

(4 plays, 53 yards, 1:33)

  • Oregon’s poor performance in the first quarter then took a turn for the worse when Shug threw an interception in the second – and – 10 of Oregon 38. Hector came down with a choice to force his second spin at night.

James Snook USA Today Sports

  • Duck D was able to force Three – & – out after the second completion ended out of bounds and Adrian Jackson was able to stop De Laura from scrambling for the first time.
  • A couple nine-yard stretch from Verdell and Shough started Oregon’s first engine in the second quarter.
  • The Ducks gained momentum with an impressive 19-yard reception from Redd.
  • But after a handful of good plays, Oregon made its third turn when Shough mishandled the network in Reading Choice. Once again, Hector came up with the ball.
  • McIntosh’s 20-yard gain landed the Cougars in the red, but a floped pass and a pair of deficiencies forced the Cougars to settle in on Blake Mazza’s 39-yard field shot attempt, which was a hit.

Cougars 16 – Ducks 7

(7 plays, 35 yards, 3:00)

  • Shough diverted in 3rd – & – 4 with an 11-yard pass to Redd to keep driving going. But he failed to replicate his success in the next third – & – intermediate stage. Oregon was forced to run after a failure to complete.
  • Starting with his 10-yard streak, the McIntosh snapped the 15 initially down to give the drive some breathing room.
  • At 3-&-3, De Laura found Harris for a 14-yard gain.
  • De Laura continued Wazzu’s success in third place by passing Bell to pass 20 yards in 3rd – & – 4.
  • Cougar’s final drive was halted eventually at Oregon 21, but Mazza was able to call in with a 49-yard field goal attempt to add to the lead.

Cougars 19 – Ducks 7

(13 plays, 59 yards, 6:19)

  • Mikael Wright returned the continuous kick to Oregon 40.
  • With less than 20 seconds remaining before the first half, Shough continues with Redd on a botched mission that resulted in a 57-yard gain.
  • In the next play, with nine seconds remaining, CJ Verdell pounded the score from three yards.

Cougars 19 – Ducks 14

(2 plays, 60 yards, 17)

  • Out of clock

NCAA Football: Oregon, Washington State

James Snook USA Today Sports

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