gualeguaychuense Antonella Ruíz Díaz has achieved good results in Switzerland

Paralympic athlete from Gualeguaychuense Antonella Ruiz Diaz competed in the Grand Prix of Nottweil, Switzerland. The woman from Entre Ríos won first place in the Bala and Disco competitions. In the end he also got the best of him. The woman from Entre Rios will continue her training abroad.

In recent days, Antonella Ruiz Diaz, a Paralympic athlete, competed in the Grand Prix of Nottweil, Switzerland. It was in that place that he was featured in the Bala and Disco competitions. It was in the second of these two majors that he did his best.

Accompanied by a delegation of Argentine athletes competing abroad, the Gualeguaychuense team performed very well in the Swiss municipality. There he demonstrated his good performance after taking the bronze medal with the shot during Tokyo 2020.

In the shot put, her strongest discipline, Entreriana finished first with a mark of 8.80 metres, posting another throw of 8.69 and 8.63 among her most outstanding records. In addition, during Friday’s day he got his personal best discus record, coming in at 26.59 metres. That mark exceeded the 25.80 he earned in Lima 2019, when he won the gold medal at the Paraben American Games.

Ruiz Diaz will continue to compete abroad. His training will take place in Switzerland, where he will take part in the Daniela Gottzeler memorial next Sunday. There he will compete again in both the bullet and the discus.

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