Grigor Dimitrov: “Coming to Australia has risks”

There are fewer and fewer days for all the tennis players who have been quarantined in OpenD Australia They are “free” and can train for as many hours as they want. Although they will not have much time to train, because everyone will be looking for luck all those eight days in the official tournament. There will be a risk of injury, they will get very hard, but there is no other option. Gregor Dimitrov On the channel Sunrise And explain how hard the experiment is, even though the mind always ends up asking you to stay with the positive. If not, then it is impossible.

“I don’t think any of them were ready for something like this, it was very complicated weeks for everyone,” the Bulgarian admits from his room. “In my case, I am one of the lucky ones who can get out there for five hours a day and do my own exercises. We knew that coming to Australia was risky, which was preparing my mind in case of burns. Everyone spends a lot of time in their rooms and it is clear that this is … Not the usual way in which we usually prepare for a tournament like this. We players want to spend more time on the field, and that is clear, we all need extra time so that our preparation is the best, “says the former world number three.

Sure, the early days were the worst and most overwhelming moments, as more than one guy thought he was never going to come out healthy out of it. Time heals, or at least calms down. “I try to calm down, the days are slowly passing by. I don’t know if this will affect my performance in tournaments later, and I want to think it will not. Of course it would be better not to be in this position, but given the circumstances that you have to be patient, make Lots of people are trying too hard to be able to stay here, “confirms the more cosmopolitan man from Haskovo. “Little by little, we manage it better every day. We know that in just one week it will be very difficult to prepare for a major tournament, but we will all have the opportunity to play at least one previous tournament to test ourselves and give us 100%.”

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Dante Potini deposed fourteen days

Novak Djokovic served as a captain demanding the same conditions for all tennis players in their 40s, a move that drew criticism from the local community, demonstrating how difficult empathy is today. “The Australians are the best people who know the procedures and protocol that are being implemented in the country, and they all had to change their program in the last year, forcing them to stay here or not being able to come back. I’m not saying I’m happy in this situation either, but you always have to have some Mind and perspective.My coach, for example, is one of the people who arrived on an isolated plane due to the Coronavirus, but it is something we cannot change, and we cannot do anything about it, ”Gregor concludes.

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