Biden cancels rules limiting access to abortion in the United States

Joe Biden The White House announced Thursday that it will repeal a law that prohibits the state from funding foreign NGOs that provide abortion services in the United States.

The new president will sign a decree abolishing this rule, which has been a powerful political symbol for decades: established by the Republican administration in Ronald ReaganIt was overturned by every Democratic president and given back by every Republican.

The rule, dubbed the “Mexico City Policies,” prohibits the United States from funding any NGO that even provides advice on Miscarriage, Although it funds this part of its activities with other funds.

Joe Biden will also order the Health Department “to take immediate action to consider whether it should reverse the regulations” that deal with family planning centers in the United States.

Government Donald Trump Organizations providing gynecological services are prohibited from proposing it Miscarriage For their patients, under the weight of losing grants.

Strong organization Planned Parenthood, Which operates several clinics that practice voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) but also breast cancer screening, for example, has been forced to forgo federal funding since then.

he is Abortion is legal In the United States since a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court in 1973, it still divides the American population greatly, as it still faces very strong opposition, especially between religious sectors.

As in every year, when the memorial date of Roe v. Wade, a 1973 Supreme Court ruling affirming the woman’s right to have an abortion, opponents of termination of pregnancy are expected to be heard on Friday.

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But, b pandemicHis “career” will be hypothetical, unlike last year in which Donald Trump participated.

His successor, Joe Biden, is an ardent Catholic, but he supports Women’s rights To choose if they want to continue the pregnancy.

Herminia Palacio, president of the Guttmacher Institute, which advocates for this right, said his remarks were “very important first steps in the right direction, but the administration must go further.”

Also in the health field, Biden should also sign a decree Thursday that would facilitate access to the federal insurance that he created for Americans who do not have employer-provided health coverage. Barack Obama.

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