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Artists Jörg Schlierbach (right) and Moritz Wattenbach present the diversity of their artwork. Photo: WS © Klaus Waldschmidt

Peppertal (WS). Those interested in art were very elated: surrounded by the atmosphere of Gail’sches Park, designed in the style of an English landscape park, a special exhibition of artists Biebertal Jörg Schlierbach and Moritz Wattenbach took place over the weekend in an area flooded with light “Swiss house” atmosphere. He is fascinated by the great variety of decorations in a small space and the wealth of ideas.

Invite the friends of Gailshire Park. Board Member Jürgen Ross thanked the artists for the artistic presentation, which was designed with meticulous attention to detail, and park owner Dr. Wolfgang Lust to provide premises. A total of 23 large and small galleries are presented on three tri-wing dividing walls. Joerg Schlerbach showed eleven exhibits – his favorite technique being acrylic on canvas. The scope of his artistic commitment is large. Decorations with titles such as “Amorphous Gecko with a Tie,” “Vault with a Painting by Michelangelo” or “Flying Florentine with Lighting System” send your thoughts on a flight. For example, the show “Four Red Ants – Homemade Liver Sausage with Piglet Tail” made people smile. Schleierbach, a trained plumber, has been drawing since childhood. He draws diverse ideas from his love of nature and from the visual impressions of everyday life or vacations, which can be found in his landscapes.

Moritz Wattenbach came up with abstract graphic motifs. Its twelve expressive forms are varied but nameless. His technique: spraying acrylic paint on canvas. “I’m still finding my style,” the artist stated from Bieber. Its motifs are influenced by casual art and graphic design.

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Visitors were able to admire the casual abstract motifs, some of which contrast wildly in colour.

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