Great Britain looks to Spain: it plans to build 400 tennis courts in 2023

Great Britain looks to Spain: it plans to build 400 tennis courts in 2023

Great Britain is developing a strategic plan for racket tennis. The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), the national governing body for tennis and racket tennis in Great Britain, presents its development plan to 2023, with the goal of doubling the number of courts by more than four to 400 within two years.

Racquet tennis was incorporated into the LTA in 2019, opening up a wide range of possibilities for the growth of the sport in the country, making it known to a new audience, the tennis public. “It is an innovative form of tennis that is fun, sociable and easy to play.says Scott Lloyd, CEO of LTA.

by LTA Facilitated access to a platform to support the organic growth of tennisTennis clubs across Britain are exploring the potential opportunities they can offer to their facilities. According to the LTA, 68% of tennis players would like to try racket tennis.

The development plan identifies the main factors driving the growth of tennis in Great Britain. There should be an increase in the number of tracks and an increase in the size of players. As of December 31, 2020, there are only 90 racquetball courts spread across 48 clubs and around 6000 players..

A total of 154,000 Britons have claimed to have played tennis at some point, 55% of them practiced it in Spain, the country of reference. Between three and four million people play racket tennis in SpainOnly 75,000 players have a union license.

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Spain is by far the most dominant padel country in the world with more than 10,000 padel stadiums and an estimated 4 million players”, highlights Tom Murray, head of racket tennis at the LTA. “Evidence from Spain suggests that racket tennis is an optimal solution for structurally challenged tennis clubs, as its income allows the club to grow and retain members.”

“The racket in Europe is expected to continue with growth similar to that in Spain,” Murray predicts. “There are 21 tennis federations in Europe that have integrated racket tennis, including the federations of France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands,” he says. “Since merging racket tennis 5 years ago, France and Italy have increased the number of rowing courts from less than 100 to more than 1,000 respectively,” he highlights. Tennis clubs have incorporated paddle tennis courts, which has “resulted in 70% of all racquetball courts are in tennis clubs“.

Great Britain closed in 2020 with 90 tennis courts, after adding 22 new ones despite the pandemic. The goal is to finish this year with 150; Reach 250 ramps in 2022 and eventually has at least 400 paddle tennis courts in 2023, Laying the foundations for exponential growth.

Organic growth will be the main development base for tennis in the region, up to 70%, while new operators or other sports clubs are expected to contribute 20%. Finally, the 10% increase will be the result of strategic alliances.

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In 2021, the goal is to create a racquetball community, with a focus on coaches, clubs and sports facilities, with the support of a business partner. Looking forward to next year The intention is to host a big event that boost national demandAccompanied by extensive television coverage and a marketing campaign. Finally, in 2023 the time will come to expand throughout the territory with increased participation.

Secondly, LTA has designed a qualification program with the goal of having at least 200 trainers or coaches by 2023, a necessary figure for the development of sports along with steroids, which will be responsible for activating the movement around the slopes. Without forgetting the training of referees to promote competitions.

Created Four training programs to enhance the practice of racket tennis: Introduction to tennis. paddle express, a six-week course for teachers; LTA Young Padel, to present the smallest. And wheelchair cushion, for wheelchair users.

All racket tennis competitions in Great Britain are based on the LTA, including the National Padel League, and are open to all levels of play in the male and female category.

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