Great Britain: Entry Obstacles May Endanger Turing’s Program

Current visa requirements for students coming to the UK from abroad for short periods of time may hinder the success of the Turing programme. This is the ruling of a new report from Universities United Kingdom (UUK), the interest group for British universities. The report stresses the importance of foreign students to Great Britain, and therefore insists that exchange student visitor visas be extended from six to twelve months.

According to the University of the United Kingdom, international students generally require a visa for their study visits to the UK since January 1. UK immigration authorities currently distinguish between visitor visas (for stays of up to six months), which cost £95, and student visas (for the duration of study), which are around £350 plus an annual health fee of around £500. Paid a must. The UK University estimates that, on average, approximately 13,000 students from the European Union need one of these visas to study in the UK each year. Students can now decide to shorten their stay in the UK or not attend at all, as there are greater financial hurdles for stays longer than six months. The report notes that fewer formal barriers are associated with longer stays for international students in the UK.

UK International University Principal Vivian Stern told Times Higher Education, which first published the report, that international students care a lot about the UK because it makes UK universities more diverse. They also brought in annual revenue of about 470 million pounds (550 million euros) to the British economy. Finally, they also emphasized that British students can study abroad: as more foreign students are accepted into the UK under these programmes, places will also increase for British students at partner universities.

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The UK University report is based on data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) on foreign exchange students between 2015 and 2020. A total of 39,000 exchange students studied in Great Britain during this period. In addition, a qualitative survey was conducted in 32 British universities in the summer of 2021, which is also included in the report.

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