Government towards elections: the latest news after the crisis and Draghi’s resignation. directly

Elections, Fragomile: With more money in paychecks

Unfortunately, after more than ten years of the tragic days of December 2011, when the center-right government hastily resigned, leaving the country on the verge of bankruptcy, with a public debt boom, 528 spread and a real risk of being unable to pay salaries. Public servants, the wolf loses his fur but not his deputy. Flat tax for everyone, to the minimum pension immediately at a thousand euros. The truth is that if they did not bring down the government riders we already had a strong tax cut in the budget law, especially for middle and low incomes And with measures of assistance for those in difficulties. We are very concerned. The Democratic Party has always been distinguished by solving the problems of Italians and business we have what it takes, because in recent years it is difficult, we have been able to face the economic and social epidemic crisis, with determination, and the recovery accompanied with the support and help of citizens And the production system. Unlike the center-right governments, with the CEOs led by the Democratic Party, we have always lowered the tax wedge and increased the money in the paycheck and we will do it again in October if we have the confidence of the Italians.” Gian Mario Fragomelli.

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