Google Photos terminates the unlimited storage space policy – technology

US Internet and technology services company Google decided to end its unlimited free storage space for pictures on Google Photos this week.

The company said that the unlimited free storage policy for photos and videos will end on the first of next June, as any new photos or videos that the user uploads to storage will be counted within the free storage space of 15 gigabytes that comes with each user account with Google.

The (DW) channel website indicated that all photos and videos that any user uploaded before the first of next June will not be counted within the maximum free space for a Google account.

The American giant has also added a new free tool to help users manage their free storage space.

Google announced the new policy for the first time last November, and aims to encourage people to subscribe to Google’s paid storage service, “Google One.”

Google One plans to provide 100 GB of storage space, along with other services such as Google Store discounts for $ 2 a month in the United States.

Once the new policy comes into effect, more than 80 percent of current Google Photos users will be able to store their photos and videos for three years, with the free 15 GB available to account holders.

As the user approaches the full use of the free space, Google will inform the user of this, whether through the application of Google Photos or e-mail.

It is also possible to determine the period of time available to the user for free storage in light of the frequency with which he stores photos and videos on his Google account.


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