Google is separating another service

When it comes to Google, Closed Service News It became a habit for many people. There is even a site where these discontinued services are collected. Of course, if you are a big company like Google, by trial and error Many services You have to introduce it to your users. for this reason, Google Cloud Print ServiceIt will not be the last offline service.

Many services are turned off for Google users question marks It could cause it to happen.

The end of the road for Google Cloud Print

Most internet users, probably Cloud PrintHe did not use it even once. Cloud printing for traditional printers for years With limited access Or lack of access ChromeOS users designed for. However, nowadays, ChromeOS has much wider support for Cloud Print printers Ineffective service had become.

Cloud Print, Share printers with friends There is no reason for Google to continue with this service, although it does have some unique capabilities. Powered by Google Cloud Print The decision to close the service, On December 31, 2020 Will come true. If you wish to use the service for any reason, you may Before New Years Eve Be sure to complete.

Chrome OS Users must change their default printer. Google, which does not forget its users, uses a cloud print service Users who do not know how to move Publish a guide to. To the guide published by Google from here You can reach.

Google, another popular messaging app Hangouts Decide to close it.

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