Google Pixel 4a Made waves as a budget champ Great camera and reasonable launch price in the US. But these waves have not completely hit the international shores yet because the phone does not ship until October in many parts of the world. in the UK, Google uses this time lapse to bring out its latest keeper by handing out free gifts of Pixel 4a and more.

The guide got his set last week with several small surprises in addition to the actual phone. There is a piece of cardboard that you can fold to form a stand to keep your phone steady for astrophotography (As shown in Slideshow below), some desserts, and an Aperitif Without Groene (alcohol-free of course). The post in the box encourages recipients to mention in their festive tweets that the phone was sent as a gift from Google and #FreeGift and # Pixel4a hashtags.

Back in early August, all our guide had done was eulogy Affordability for Pixel 4a in response to a tweet. Google called for his address and had the box in his mailbox last week, exactly like Many others. These Pixel 4a units are arriving around a month before the device is set for sale in the UK. Maybe Google’s way to keep people motivated while doing it Too long wait of two months.

Unfortunately, praise for the Pixel 4a won’t give you a free console anymore – Google’s generosity came with a deadline that expired last month.