Google activates two-step account login for everyone as of November 9 Data protection

Google has revealed when the 2FA option will be active on all Google accounts.

Source: SmartLife / Google

We also wrote that it was, in fact Great thingIt increases the security of your account.

Now we know the last details – Google will activate two-step authentication for everyone starting November 9. If you don’t, Google will do it for you and tell you how to sign in to your Google account in the future.

Option 2FA or two-step login It means that in addition to your password and username, you have another extra step to verify your identity.

Google will offer an additional identity verification process:

  • Some other active devices owned by the same user
  • Security device (tag, USB stick, etc.)
  • Confirmation via SMS code or
  • Confirmation by voice call.

If you use phone or call verification, it should be an active number, always with you. Also, while checking SMS, you will receive a code in the form G-XXXXXX (G-6 numbers), but you only type a set of six numbers into the field during validation, not G-.

When you need 2-Step Verification

Every time you sign in to your Google account again after a certain period of inactivity – Google will ask you to Sign in in two steps. Also, when you sign in for the first time from a new or unsupported device – Google will ask you to sign in in two steps as well.

All options of the second step must be activated, to avoid if you forget some of them or if your phone number is not available or is suspended for any reason.

Login to the two-step account begins from November 9, it is a mandatory option for all users and those who do not activate it themselves – it will be activated automatically, and data and instructions for the change will be sent by e-mail.

All details and ‘how-to’ steps are given in our gallery.

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