Glaston is installing a new Jumbo series tempering line in Finland

Finnish switching company Jaakko-Tuote, which has nearly 50 years experience in the sector, has acquired a line of Glaston’s Jumbo Series, which will allow it to respond to the growing demand for large safety glasses.

Aki Harjunba, General Manager de Jaco Tut.
The new tempering line will allow the company to respond to the demand for large safety glass.

Despite its humble beginnings in Panalia, a little-known town in southwestern Finland, Brother Harjunba, The father of the current CEO Aki Harjunbawas established Jaco Tut In 1971.

The company started with manufacturing laminated glass for tables for furniture making and curved windshields. In the 1980s, the company entered the field of tempering glass.

Today, Jaakko-Tuote has grown from a small company into a world-famous manufacturer of high-quality safety glass for the construction and automotive sectors, accounting for about three-quarters of the production. Safety glass is made of tempered glass, laminated glass, or tempered laminated glass, a combination of both.

“Designers work with larger glass surfaces, which requires both tempered and laminated glass. So we boldly decided to invest in technology that would allow us to play this game,” Aki Harjunba ad.
Along with the other machines, the Jumbo series, technology-based FC From Glaston, Helps us to specialize in high-demand, high-quality glass structures. ”

Their recipe for success includes investing in the latest technology, which gives them a head start. In 2000 Jaakko-Tuote was also the first company in Scandinavia to purchase B’JUMBO TPS® insulating glass line Of old Bystronic Leinhardt, Now renamed as Glaston Germany, And it is now one of the key technologies acquired at Glaston Show in 2019.

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In the fall of 2018, they signed the first agreement Jumbo series tempering line From Scandinavia at the time they needed a hardening capacity of six meters.

Glaston had the flexibility to commit to fast deliveryRemember Aki. “This machine 100% met our expectations. We visited Glaston in Tampere on Tuesday and made the decision the same day. A month later, we were preparing the production space for delivery. The line was officially delivered early in 2019.” We have made a lot of tempered glass since 1986. But this streak has broadened our horizons. It’s a good buy that has a whole gamut of quality-enhancing features, such as convection Chinook Global quality control systems and iLooK online “, He explains.

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