Gina Carano in the biographical film My Son Hunter, focusing on US President Joe Biden’s son

Gina Carano steps in in the anti-Biden My Son Hunter, a biographical film based on the scandals involving the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

In a video posted on YouTube, the former Manduri star Gina Carano He announced his entry into the cast my son hunter, Robert Davey’s biography after The son of US President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and his scandalous business relationships and lifestyle.

Gina Carano will play a secret service agent in the film, which is currently in production in Serbia. With her co-stars, Lawrence Fox as Hunter Biden and John James as President Joe Biden.

“You are a secret intelligence agent who investigates the shady business of the Biden family. It provides a satirical look into the Biden family’s relationships with various Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs.”Film producer Willem McAleer said. She is present throughout the film, commenting and occasionally recounting the absurd life and lifestyle of Hunter Biden and her father’s shady relationships..

The Mandalorian, Funko Pop! By Gina Carano, it will not be produced anymore

“I am delighted to be working with great actors, a visionary director and some new friends as producers.”Carano commented. “The script is very interesting and funny to me, especially after I was recently exposed to the political rule of the Biden family in 2020. Robert Davey is the one who called me as soon as my job was canceled in February 2021. I signed up to support him and one of my favorite humans, Lawrence Fox. Both have always been actors I love watching and now they are both my friend and mentor. Dressing up was to meet John James, a charismatic and cool guy, so funny. It’s a real pleasure to have him at the forefront of the revolutionary narrative.”

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