Giants’ Watson leads by example to promote youth bulge in the final year of the decade

Much like a fast season, a possible end Tony WatsonA three-year period with giants has crept into him, and on the Giants and their fans.

His time in San Francisco was successful. One could argue that the 35-year-old left player was the most valuable in 2020 despite the season’s length.

Watson avoided disaster in Friday’s first game by double-headed against Padres, allowing three runs in the seventh inning, but getting his last three points from 5-4 in the win – an exceptional performance. He entered the game at a rate of 0.53 episodes, second only to the left-handers in San Diego Drew Pomeranz Among National League shooters who have shouted at least 15 rounds. Pomerans were not allowed to run, Watson was only one.

Watson kept two left-handed hitters for two strokes in 21 bat strokes, but the right-wingers also struggled to hit him (9 versus 45), indicating what Giants watchers had known long ago: that no specialist would become extinct with the new minimum of three strokes.

None of these numbers describe Watson’s largest contribution. As a senior member, he has turned a game full of beginners, adventurers and former novices into one of the best sports. Housing giants led the majors by 2.26 pm in the past five weeks through Thursday.

Even if he moves, many of the lodgers who studied under Watson will be part of that Bulls in 2021 and beyond, a future that Watson sees bright.

“These men are studded,” he said before a double-headed Friday. “They know how to get ahead. They know what they’re doing.”

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The coaching staff has a lot to do with it, of course, while Watson has adopted his role as the shooter assistant.

He said, “There are two kinds of leaders, those who are loud and cool and let go of men, and those who lead by example and who get up every day and do the work.

“If these guys do the same, look what I’m doing, I’m trying to have a plan and a routine and have success on the hill, I think I’m doing my job.”

Watson and his wife Cassie San Francisco has embraced it, too. When the time is right after the season, he will be open to discussing a new contract with the Giants.

He said, “I have nothing but good things to say about this organization.” “It’s a great place, first class along the way. We hope to have some success this weekend and try out some baseball giants in the qualifiers.”

Shark Watch: Director Gabe Capler Clarify his decision to start Geoff Samrdzega On Double Friday night after he hadn’t come since Aug 7 due to a shoulder injury. Kapler said Samardzija looked good at alternate camp matches and was good for five rounds or more depending on the stadium economy.

Kapler said Samardzija was also determined to help the giants reach the playoffs.

“One of the things I respect the most about Shark is how much he wanted to play baseball,” said Kapler. “This is an opportunity he’s been paying for and asking for, and he’s really excited to have it.”

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“He wants the ball in the biggest moments. He’s happy to put the team on his shoulders if he can handle that. We believe in him. I’m glad Jeff has this opportunity.”

Henry Schulman covers The Giants for The San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: Embed a Tweet

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