German teams achieve final victories in Pro-League tournaments | sports news

At the end of the Pro-League Championships in Mendoza, German hockey teams celebrated victories against the hosts from Argentina. The women won their match on penalties 3:0, and the men won 3:0 in normal time.

“Everything was there: the passion, the quality and in the end a strong team performance. So it’s a great performance,” said Valentin Altenberg, coach of the women’s national team after the match, which initially ended 2-2 after goals by Charlotte Stappenhorst and Pia Mertens. Then Nike Lorenz, Sarah Strauss and Lenya Weidmann converts penalty kicks.The men’s goals came from Timur Uruz, who held his 100th title, Niklas Villen and Hans Muller.National coach André Henning praised “Today the boys found a perfect balance between fire and focus.”

Both German teams are second in the current Pro-League table. The women will compete in the upcoming tournament from February 11 to 15 in Australia. The opponents are Australia and China. The gentlemen travel to India from March 10 to 14 and meet the hosts and Australia there. Before that, the Men’s World Championship was on the agenda, which will also take place in India from January 13-29.

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