‘Gallery of Broken Hearts’ by Selena Gomez for her theatrical debut this summer

‘Gallery of Broken Hearts’ by Selena Gomez for her theatrical debut this summer

The film studio announced on Tuesday that the “Gallery of Broken Hearts” will be released in cinemas on July 10. This is the first major theatrical release from the studio since the coronavirus pandemic.

The film, which is executive produced by Selena Gomez, stars Geraldine Viswanathan, Dacre Montgomery, Utkarsh Ambudkara, Molly Gordon, Phillip Soo, Suki Waterhouse, Arturo Castro, Ego Nwodim, Taylor Hill and Bernadette Peters. It marks Natalie Krinsky’s directorial debut.

“Listening to more female writers and directors is very necessary,” Gomez said in a statement. “Natalie is a wonderful talent and I am happy to be a part of her debut film. I understand people’s concerns about returning to activities we all loved before COVID-19. I hope everyone will listen to the recommendations of scientists and consider the health of others and safety while enjoying experience cinema. “

July marks a big moment for the film industry. Some of the most anticipated films of the year, including Disney’s live action “Mulan,” Warner Brothers ’“ Tenet, ”and Russell Crowe’s“ Unhinged, ”will hit theaters.

But the big question remains, will people still want to sit in cinemas while the Covid-19 hotspots continue to jump across the country?

AMC Theaters, the world’s largest theater chain, said in a statement to Securities and Exchange Commission last week that they have a “significant suspicion” that they may remain employed after the closure of locations around the world due to a pandemic. But in his earnings report for the first quarter on Tuesday they said they plan to open their 1,000 locations around the world in July. AMC declined to comment on this story.

The president of Sony’s film group, Tom Rothman, told CNN in a recent interview that he remains optimistic.

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“The joy that comes when you see her in a darkened theater with a crowd of people and you laugh and cry,” Rothman said. “I’m actually very, very optimistic in the long run, but I don’t underestimate the short-term obstacles, which are significant.”

The announcement of Sony’s release of “Broken Hearts Gallery” was announced after the news of the sale of their movie “Greyhound” about Tom Hanks on Apple TV + due to the pandemic.

“Instead of pushing [‘Greyhound’] The following year, there were a lot of streamers who were highly commendable for it, and Apple was extremely excited about it, “Rothman said.” Apple was a really, really good home for that particular movie. In the case of ‘Greyhound’, making a deal with Apple made sense, but it’s not our whole job. “

Some film distributors are turning in the middle of a pandemic. Berry Meyerowitz, president of Quiver Film Distributors, said he and his team have made the decision to change strategy when it comes to releasing their thriller “Becky” by Kevin James by securing 40 drive-in theaters across the country, along with flow and on demand.

“We feel like we’re giving the best of both worlds to consumers and audiences,” he said. “If they’re close to one of the facilities to see it there, which is just an incredibly nostalgic experience, but even if they’re not near the facility or would rather watch them at home, they can sit on the couch, download a movie and enjoy an amazing experience from the comfort of your home . “

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But Rothman is confident that the future of film in the traditional sense will return.

“In the fifties they said that television would kill movies. And then in the seventies VHS would kill movies. And then in the eighties cable television would kill 300 channels. And now they said streaming would come and kill movies,” he said. “Let me tell you, movies won’t kill anything.”

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