Gal Gadot in the Netflix spy thriller

Heart of Stone, Cinematheque

Netflix is ​​running on excitement A heart of stoneStarring Gal Gadot and Tom Harper as director

Gal Gadot She remains one of the busiest actresses of this period, adding Heart of Stone to her upcoming list. From the movie that will appear for the first time NetflixNot much is known, except that it will be a spy thriller. We’ll have to make the movie Tom HarperWhich in his approach The NavigatorsInspired by a true story and starring the couple Felicity Jones/Eddie Redmayne, e About Rose, Indie canter music movie starring Jesse Buckley. The script is signed by Greg Rocca e Alison Schroeder, Who worked straight Old guard e Return to 100 acres of wood.

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Heart of Stone represents the fourth collaboration between Skydance Media, The production company behind the movie, and Netflix, after they actually worked together Old guardAnd the 6 underground And expected Adam ProjectDirected by Shawn Levy. With filming the new project still relatively far away, Gal Gadot is still enjoying good success Wonder Woman 1984, It was launched in the US simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, surpassing Warner’s initial expectations at the box office. This year, we’ll see the actress once again as DC Amazon in Snyder’s Cut’s Justice Squad And in the new adventure will be the starring detective Poirot O. Murder on the NileDirected and starred by Kenneth Branagh.

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