French Open in Paris: Tennis star Djokovic craves the title

Novak Djokovic took his first win of the year in Rome – at last. Photo: // Fabrizio Corraditti

Novak Djokovic has rehabilitated after winning in Rome and is one of the favorites to win the tournament at the French Open. But it will likely be some time before his curious appearance in Australia at the start of the year is forgotten.

Novak Djokovic has been lucky lately and rarely before in this turbulent year. His son Stefan won his first children’s championship at the age of seven, and after his son informed him about it via video call, Djokovic Senior spoke about the conversation and described his gaps as follows: “He showed me the front and back strokes of shadow tennis. And the way he moves – he’s in cloud nine .”

The proud father himself was no different at that moment. Around the same time that he won the Masters in Rome, one of his successes rarely had something liberating. After winning two sets in the final over Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, Djokovic had sealed his first tournament win of the year – finally! Ironically, in Rome, this wonderful city, this wonderful open-air museum, including the Vatican, the situation took a positive turn for the first place in the world this year. Then the son also showed that he probably inherited the best genes and follows in his father’s footsteps from an early age.

Soul balm

This double family success in Djokovic’s home served as a refreshment for the broken Serbs’ soul. The uproar about his waiving the vaccination, which prevented him from participating in the Australian Open, as well as preventing him from starting in other tournaments, the tennis player had brought this entire circus himself. But it is also clear that the crazy back-and-forth story of his entry into Australia has also left its mark on Djokovic’s mental state.

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Somehow almost everyone was against him, he must have felt like the object of his hatred, like a professional tennis player who, moreover, had snatched away his right to be a role model.

Looking forward

Then Rome came at last. Djokovic has improved, shown some of his best tennis again and is rehabilitating himself for now – at least in sporting terms.

The victory in Italy gave Djokovic a sigh of relief. “I feel good on the field and mentally I am refreshed as well,” the winner said after his victory. Now she went through rough times a few weeks ago, and from now on, all he cares about is looking forward again. “I think I left him behind,” Djokovic said, also regarding his good performances on clay in Rome.

“Leadership to meet the challenges ahead”

The head seems clear again, perhaps all the negative stress has been overcome. “I always try to use these situations and adversities as a driver for the next challenges” – he also said this sentence.

In other words, defeats make him stronger.

Novak Djokovic is by no means the first athlete to provide such signals. But chronologically, Rome’s victory was a sense of timely accomplishment. The main draw begins on Sunday at the French Open in Paris, the second Grand Slam of the year. The first major tournament in Melbourne became Djokovic’s personal horror journey – now there is a new opportunity for the tennis player in the French capital. The path leads him to his mission.

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The goal is to equal the record of 21 Grand Slam titles held by longtime rival Rafael Nadal and surpass it in the distant future. Djokovic has 20 great successes. Nadal’s supremacy is a duty simply because Father (Great) Sergean Djokovic apparently considers his son superhuman in an arrogant manner and has made a false comparison with Jesus. “Jesus was crucified, everything he did and endured and still lives among us,” said Serjan Djokovic, supplementing his annoying performance with the addition: “Now they are trying to crucify Novak in the same way and do everything for him.”

against the rest of the world

Then the father raised his son to the base of a Serbian freedom fighter. “Novak is Serbia, and Serbia is Novak,” said the father, who burdened the image of his son with such statements. The father was flanked by Djokovic’s younger brother Djorje during his military conduct. The behavior looked like a family clan’s fight against the rest of the world – only because Novak Djokovic thought he didn’t have to comply with entry rules in Australia during the peak phase of the coronavirus crisis.

In terms of sports, Novak Djokovic wants to polish the fractured image once again. He is only 34 years old, and therefore does not have many chances to set the record. His Spanish tennis rival Rafael Nadal, who is a year older than him and is undoubtedly the best clay court player of all time, could add a trophy or two to his own collection.

However: go to the new shores, let the past rest – that’s Novak Djokovic’s plan now. He had never experienced such a theater in Australia and did not want to try it again. “As stressful as I’ve felt in my life and in my career, this was on a whole other level,” he says.

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