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The German Ladies Quartet made a perfect year for MotoGP. After winning gold at the Olympics and the European Championships, Brauße confidently won the world title.

The German women’s quartet also won the world title after a superior Olympic gold. 79 days after the victory in Tokyo, the BDR team won the team chase final against Italy in the championship fights in Roubaix, thus completing a hat-trick. Between the Olympics and the World Cup, the four-man BDR team also won the European Championship.

Olympic champions Franziska Brause (Metzingen), Lisa Brenor (Kempten) and Mick Krueger (Belefeld) as well as Laura Susimilish (Weingarten) defeated mighty Italians in a duel for gold over the 4000m in 4:08.75 minutes (4:13.690) by. It was Germany’s first win since the women’s team chasing premiere at the World Championships in 2008.

He’s already gone in the team race

Team BDR celebrated their second gold in Roubaix after winning Emma Hinze (Cottbus), Pauline Grabusch (Erfurt) and Leah Sophie Friedrich (Dassow) at the start of Wednesday. At the Olympics, the four-man German won after three world records. Lisa Klein (Saarbrücken), who had a shoulder injury, was missing from the Tokyo Quartet at Roubaix. The defending champions the United States and Australia were not initially in France. Americans (4) and Australians (2) have won all world titles since 2015 in the discipline.

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