Frankfurt does not use the potential of the region

Connecting the whole region: classic cycling Eschborn-Frankfurt
Photo: Wong Bergman

Harmony and nothing else for a long time: Gerhard Trozen, professor of sports management at Acadis University, criticizes the fact that Frankfurt, as a putative sports city, does not use the potential of the region.

Mr. Trosien, Frankfurt likes to call itself the Sports City. The term is not protected. Is the seal suitable?

Frankfurt is not a sports city and the metropolitan area is not a sports district. The metropolitan area lacks ambitions and visions for this in terms of sports.

You say it, even though an entire region was just swept away by Eintracht’s European Cup victory.

Eintracht is, of course, the bright regional figure. It moves people. It demonstrates how sport can unite an entire region – beyond one city – and create a community culture. But this and the whole professional sport is not all that makes a sports city or sports district. It is about more than that. A regional sports infrastructure program, for example, may better explain how to ensure school sports and especially swimming lessons. It is possible that one of the halls in Bad Homburg is empty on certain days, and there is not enough capacity less than five kilometers north of Frankfurt.

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