France’s first legislative round casts doubt on the ruling party’s absolute majority in the National Assembly | international

The alliance of French President Emmanuel Macron came close to losing an absolute majority in the National Assembly, which would complicate the implementation of his government program.

The alarm sounded at the Elysee on Sunday after the first round of legislative elections. Put these chief alliance, Emmanuel MacronTogether with the Left Alliance led by Jean-Luc Melenchon And they wonder Absolute majority in the National Assembly.

With 96% of the votes counted, the Macron alliance band (together) It received 25.68% of the vote, while the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) reached 25.14%.

Marked the day standard abstinence For the first round 52.54%. Less than one in two French eligible to vote went to the polls.

The drop squad distributed seats in various polling institutes About to lose the absolute majority (it currently has 350 seats), where it will get between 255 and 310 deputies, in a room where the absolute majority is 289 deputies.

After two months Macron’s comfortable victory in the presidential electionHis project may slow if it does not have a majority in the House of Representatives, which is necessary to implement his proposals, including the controversial pension reform.

The president, who cannot officially campaign, has ramped up his public events in recent days, reiterating the need for strong parliamentary support in the face of international turmoil.

The disintegration of the left alliance

But his call does not guarantee that support , in the face of the emergence of the Nubians led by Melenchon , which includes his party , unbridled FranceAlong with socialists, communists and environmentalists

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According to voting projections, Nupes will get between 150 and 210 seats, compared to 58 in 2017, and will become The main opposition force.

The Left Coalition achieved a similar number of votes as when its members ran separately in 2017, but by working together this time around, they were able to field several candidates with a chance of winning a seat in the second round.

It will outperform the conservative right RepublicansSo far, the second parliamentary force that can lose half its weight (112 seats) and remain between 50 and 80 deputies.

far right party Marine LupineAccording to those forecasts, which represent about 20% of the vote, which is somewhat lower than what she herself received in the presidential elections in April, it will be between 10 and 45 deputies, compared to 8 currently.

A significant defeat for another representative of the far right, Eric Zemmour, who has been eliminated in his constituency and whose party may be left without parliamentary representation.

The most enthusiastic on election night was Melenchon, a third of the presidential election, who succeeded in his attempt to fight Macron’s victory, searching for a parliamentary majority that would force the president to appoint him prime minister in a government of coexistence.

The presidential party, in this first round, was defeated and defeated. It is the first time that a newly elected president has not achieved a majority in the House,” cried Melenchon, who did not appear in any constituency, and who highlighted the success of the alliance he had formed despite the opposition of historical socialist leaders.

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