France squad ready to face Australia

The various teams are preparing for what will be a new international window in July and The one who confirmed that 42 players will travel to the Southern Hemisphere is France where they will face the Wallabies three times..

Fabian Galtet had several flaws When compiling the list Because Multiple injuries Some players suffered in addition to They cannot call up the contenders in the top 14, because they cannot meet the conditions of isolation that Australia enjoys. Hence, names like Antoine Dupont, Baptiste Cyrine, Romain Ntamak and Gregory Aldrett They are not on campus.

With 27 games on his own account, winger Teddy Thomas at Racing 92 will be Les Blues’ most experienced player, who will be able to count Romain Tauvivinoa and Damien Benaud with seven fewer games.

for this reason, The French technical staff decided to call up some of the M20 world champions. Matches against the Wallabies will take place on July 7, 13 and 17 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Straight.

France squad to face Australia:
Pierre-Henri Azago, Demba Bamba, Pierre-Louis Brassey, Gaetan Barlow, Alexandre Picconi, Anthony Potheer, Roman Burros, Louis Carbonell, Cyril Kazuo, Gervais Cordin, Baptiste Coloud, Dylan Cretin, Jonathan Dante, Ibrahim Diallo, Anthony Etri. Valatea, Alexandre Fischer, Enzo Forlita, Etienne Fourcade, Kilian Girassy, ​​Jean-Baptiste Gross, Antoine Hastoy, Julien Heretto, Wilfrid Honkpatten, Teddy Iribarin, Melvin Jamenet, Anthony Gillonch, Clovis Le Bell, Sekiano Macalod, Eliferity Cegondes, Joris Sobella, Romain Tauvignoa, Thomas Teddy, Florent Vanverberge, Tani Felley, Gabin Villier, Arthur Vinson, Quentin Walker and Cameron Woke.

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