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Former Nati defender Tim Klose is currently looking for a club. But he would not sign everywhere.

It was quiet around Tim Klose. The 33-year-old player from Basel is currently without a club. With his last employer, Norwich, he found a “good solution,” as he says on the SRF podcast “Sykora Gisler.” Means: The contract between Klose and the “Canary Islands”, which will be valid until the summer of next year, has been terminated, but the Swiss will continue to receive their wages until the actual expiration date.

It has always been said in public that there are two camps, be it Rösti or Balkan Graben. It wasn’t the case at all.

Klose says he has no financial concerns at the moment. His current status – he is currently keeping fit with the FCB U21 team – still wants to change as soon as possible. “If that happens, I definitely want to play for the national team again,” he says. However, he realizes that this is “wishful”.

Tim Klose as a guest on Sikora Geisler

Open the chestClose the box

The former national team defender is in this week’s “Sykora Gisler – The Football Talk”. You’ll see the program on Wednesday evening at 11:20 p.m. at SRF II.

The former national team defender (17 caps) rated the Swiss defense as “very good”. In general, Klose likes to develop under the leadership of Murat Yakin, with whom he is in constant contact. “It’s quiet, at last.”

When it comes to the national team, there has always been a lot of talk. “It has always been said in public that there are two camps, whether it’s Rösti or Balkan Graben. It was never the case,” he looks back at the time he spent in the national team shirt.

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Another adventure – here or far

It is unlikely that Klose’s return to the national team led by Yakin will return. “But I haven’t completely given up on my soccer boots yet,” he says. On the one hand, he can imagine getting involved in a Swiss club looking for someone with experience. On the other hand, it is also as adventurous as Australia, Japan or the USA.

But a detour to Turkey or Azerbaijan is out of the question for Klose. He also specifically uses the current stage to deal with the question of what comes after his life as a professional footballer. “I try to open as many doors as possible.”


He wants to continue his career

Tim Klose.


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