Forgot iPhone passcode?

Nowadays a mobile phone is not limited to conversations between two people. Furthermore. Banking transactions, online lessons, business meetings, online marketplaces, and more. Is it normal for someone to turn off such an important smartphone? What if I forgot my password or password? Don’t be alarmed if you enter the wrong password multiple times and the phone is locked. There is a way to do this. All lost data is stored in iCloud.

Before we can recover the password, we need to connect our iPhone to the computer using USB. Then open iTunes Store. The phone must be restarted. For this to happen, some methods must be followed beforehand. Think of your iPhone further. Press and hold the volume up button on the front for a few moments. Then the volume down button. At the same time press the side button. In the case of the iPhone 7 model, the Volume Down and Side buttons should be pressed at the same time. It immediately says “There is an iPhone problem that required to update or restore”. Select “restore”.

Things to look for when recovering the phone

* This process will take a few minutes to complete. Fifteen minutes is not enough to complete the whole process from scratch again.

* Never disconnect your phone in the meantime.

* The phone should only be used after the restore process is complete.

To recover data …

The first step: Go to Applications & Data and select Restore from iCloud backup.

The second step: The most recent backup after logging into iCloud.

Third step: All previous apps can be downloaded with Apple ID to login.

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