Foreign Minister Di Maio visits the Financial Guard General Command

Foreign Minister Di Maio visits the Financial Guard General Command (Wednesday, May 26, 2021) Rome, May 26, 2021 minister From Business Foreigner to May Visiting This morning Command General Dependent guard From finance – The minister From Business Foreigner e Dependent International cooperation, dear Luigi D. May, I did Visiting This morning on Command General Dependent guard From financeCommander to welcome him General, General CA Giuseppe Zafarana, AL Read periodically daily


Stefano Fasina : Solidarity with Minister AndreaOrlandosp under corporate attack by large corporations and @ LegaSalvini who … – Vitoriosgarbe : On Twitter, “Luigino”, in addition to reminding us (unfortunately) that he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he says that he is “responsible … – Vitoriosgarbe : No minister like Di Maio has done much to eradicate poverty. From foreigners. – Zork 9 : RTGaviniGiovanni: tagesschau tagesschau: Presidential elections in Syria are just the mantle of democracy for the ruler of Assad. L … – John Geober 1 : censor_ We got to the bottom when the host was elected and started digging when the div… –

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Aerospace: an agreement signed in Rome between the Territory, the Ministry of Defense and the Italian Air Force

This is by connecting the opportunities associated with the new exploration strategy From Both are the United States .. The agreement was signed this afternoon in Rome in the presence of minister Defense, Lorenzo …

Covid and Safety, Hope: good Italo for train filters

To say minister Dela Salute, Roberto Speranza, consulted by AGI regarding … the certification of H EPA filters, of the same type as those approved on board From Aircraft, will bring …
Secretary of Labor Orlando: “By July we will present the reform of the social safety nets to the council.” printing

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Germany: Finance Minister Schultz will soon have a global corporate tax minimum

The German finance minister, along with Le Maire, appealed to other countries to adhere to the US proposal. According to Die Welt newspaper, the United States …

White Zones Agreement, Ministry – Zones: “Through curfews, well discos and weddings”

Today, a meeting was held between Minister of Health Roberto Esperanza and the President … which was adopted by the Conference of Autonomous Regions and Provinces and other protocols, according to …

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