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In order to really understand the research impact of an Apple AirTag smart tracker, Kirk McElhearn posted his most recent real-life test drive on the Mac Security Blog.Given that many people have shared the experience of finding things in keys or wallets, Kirk McLearn chose to track the AirTag by sending postal packets to friends this time, then recording the wonderful experiences they had along the way.

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Kirk McMillern said he lives near Stratford-upon-Avon in England, but has sent a parcel to a friend who lives in south London. In pursuit of punctuality, he also served the most expensive postage.


Since the AirTag body only weighs 11g, it affixes the AirTag card to the card, protects it with a bubble wrap, and throws it into a village mailbox not far from home. Iphone The “Find My” online app demonstrates that it can display the correct location information.


Mail received around 5 p.m. that day, a little later than expected. Then it passed IPAD Checking the Find My app on the device, we can see that AirTag arrived at the local sorting station at 5:28. (It is speculated to have been detected by the iPhone of the sorting center or postman employees)


The Mail with AirTag didn’t take long to formally start its journey. Drive into Stratford-upon-Avon (expected to be loaded onto a truck) at 5:49, leave town at around 6:40, heading north.

The mail arrived at the highly automated South Midlands mail processing center at 7:30, but the tracking information Find My indicated that several employees were using iPhones there.

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I mailed AirTag and tracked its progress (Across

Later, Kirk McElhearn set up a script on a Mac to capture screenshots of the Find My app every two minutes. After 10:08 PM, all of the AirTags were on the road until the next morning, there was an information update.

There were several stops along the way, possibly due to some mail being transported in other vehicles. At 6:45 p.m. the next day, AirTag finally arrived at the mail sorting center closest to the friend, and confirmed delivery the same evening.


After completion of the delivery, friend put their iPhone on the table at home, Kirk McLearn looks forward to receiving relevant notifications soon.

After all, according toan AppleAccording to the administrator, AirTags that have been separated from the owner for three days can receive an alert on iPhone that has joined the search network (report that AirTag has detected moving with you).

Embarrassingly, the actual experience is not as perfect as I imagined. After several days, there was no news from my friends. Even if Kirk McElhearn checked the Find My app again not too long ago, and saw the final location claim.

Likewise, according to an article in The Washington Post, the AirTag experience in three days was not good. Except that it only makes 15-second beeps at a time, the AirTag isn’t very large.

A friend of Kirk McKillhern said he might have heard the sound at some point, but he wasn’t sure because he was already watchingTV

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