Football, they are the richest team presidents around the world

Calcio and business, Which is an increasingly trendy combination. Also this year, on specific dates such as summer ice gradients, the ranking of the richest men in the world, prepared by the prestigious American magazine, arrived Forbes. There are several businessmen on the list who have decided to invest in football.

In Italy…

The first news is that leading an Italian infiltrator squad at the helm of a soccer club is not a president whose team plays in Serie A, or at least not yet, because Silvio Berlusconi (Estimated assets $ 7.6 billion – 327 in the rankings) He hopes Monza You’re satisfying him quickly, relegating to the top flight, and why not overpower the other love of his life in Derby: Milan.

In the second step of the stage we find the sponsor of Inter Zhang Jindong, A few billion dollars less than Silvio and 339 in the planetary diagram.

Italian-American closes the podium Rocco ComisoFiorentina, number one. The founder of Mediacom, the fifth largest cable television provider in the United States, surpassed the $ 7 billion by nearly $ 200 million and is ranked 332.

To follow the family Caputo, Owner of Bologna, president of Milan Paul Singer e Dan FriedkinRecently, the new father of Rome.

Too loud to find John ElkanSponsor of Juventus, champions of Italy for nine seasons, it is necessary to go down to 1580. In fact, Elkan can count on “only” two billion dollars.

Percassi of Atalanta, Priziosi of Genoa and Skynzy of Sassuolo occupy the last three of the top ten Italian club heads, all with a bank account of around $ 1 billion.

… and in the world

If our people seem to be wealthy to you, be prepared to take a look at the numbers men in the top world rankings have in their pockets.

Zhang Jindong and Berlusconi, in fact, only with difficulty entering the top ten!

And in front of them Shahid Khan of Fulham with $ 8 billion.

In seventh place is Stanley Croinke, president of Arsenal. Living 73 years to the fullest starting with some investments in the real estate sector, the American businessman can count on a personal fortune of about $ 8.2 billion.

On the way up we find Philip Anschutz of Los Angeles Galaxy (The team is owned by David Beckham), Ricardo Salinas Plego, coach of Mazatlan of Mexico (the team that plays in Liga MX), and Roman Abramovich, The Russian oligarch who has owned Chelsea Football Club since 2003. However, the tenth richest man in Russia is far from the true fanatics of the factory. According to Forbes, in fact, with $ 14.5 billion, you don’t even enter the top hundred!

Almost double that Dietrich MatchitzNumber one in Leipzig Salzburg, which ranks fourth in the list of presidents of the richest club teams in the world.

The silver medal, on the other hand, is L. Francois Pinault From French club Rennes. For him, he made a $ 42.3 billion circular.

But who is the owner of the largest wallet? Ironically, the one with the surname Moderate in build! His name is Carlos, and he’s Mexican who enjoys managing Real Oviedo (which is currently floating in the middle of the table in the Segonda division). Carlos Slim Helu He was the richest man on the planet from 2010 to 2013And even today it does not work badly. When he looks at his balance, in fact, he sees this number more or less: $ 62,800,000,000 (to avoid reading it multiple times, we tell you: $ 62.8 billion!)

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Born on January 28, 1940, Saleem is now 81, and when asked about his job, he can be shocked by an endless list. But it might suffice to say so The largest contributor to the New York Times.

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