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Olten – The new urban development law has been the main topic of the online community gathering of craftsmen in Olten. In the next few years there are some construction projects in the community.

“Even if 2020 is not an easy year, we look to the future with confidence. I hope this year we can start some initiatives and actions for local handicrafts,” said Martin Lusch, Vice Chairman of Ulten and welcomed the members of lvh to the meeting. There is good news especially with regards to new construction projects. In the next five years, a kindergarten will be built in Walburg and a new parish hall, said Lösch, who is also the deputy mayor. The aim of the municipality administration is to involve local companies in bidding.

As in many South Tyrol municipalities, the new district law on area and landscape is an important issue for both the municipality and the economy in Olten. The important objectives of the law are, for example, to ensure sustainable development, to restrict land consumption, and to ensure local supplies and affordable housing.

“Municipalities now have the important task of setting up a so-called municipality development program and defining the settlement area,” said Fontellina Lopez, who works in the Economic Policy Division of LVH. A strong representation of the craft in the parish hall is very important here.

Merchants can also have a concrete say in the list of experts (section “Economics”) that select South Tyrol municipalities as their members for the Municipal Committee for Survey and Landscape. The prerequisite for registration is that you have had a master craftsman degree for at least five years and have conducted a craft business with at least five employees for at least five years.

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Matthias Piazzi, President of Lvh District, emphasized that “master craftsmen are definitely one of the assets of the commission, as they bring technical and practical understanding” and Piazzi indicated the association’s support regarding urban development law, public contracts or any other issue. “You can contact me or the association at any time. LVH considers itself your direct contact point for any questions and input. The aura crisis in particular showed how important the engagement is. Our goal is to expand our cooperation with political representatives intensely so that we can defend the interests of the handicrafts in South Tyrol.” As best as possible. “

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